I have been designing and illustrating for over 15 years. As a freelance designer I have taken on a wide variety of projects; two of my favorites were for Change.org and HP. For Change.org, I designed and developed a site for their first hackathon in 2011, as well as an online animated banner campaign and graphics for a t-shirt. For HP, I prototyped animation during their brand refresh in 2008; that project extended into animation and 3d modeling for the company’s screensaver, environmental animation for CES 2008, and additional animation for other products.

I have also worked within the field of music across a range of genres. I worked with two amazing music education non-profits. I designed and developed the website for the Merit School of Music, whose mission focuses on underserved communities in Chicago. I also designed, animated, and developed for The Maestro and Me, a campaign for the Ali Akbar College of Music to raise funds for a library of the teachings of Ali Akbar Khan, one of the greatest Indian Classical musicians and composers. Additionally I have designed many album covers and associated materials from electronic and experimental musicians in a variety of styles. It’s one of my favorite things to do: find a visual equivalent to an experience with sound.

I also have illustrated everything from animations for Yahoo to small one off postcards. I studied art at SAIC and SFAI, and this foundation in traditional and contemporary art practices gives me a unique perspective on the art of illustration. I feel like I can employ a large range of styles to this kind of work. I love illustrating and there’s nothing quite like it for a combination of art and design.

I can be reached at mitch@skymachine.com
and at 415 713 0710



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